ASCAP - Lots of great songwriter tips from Ralph Murphy



Nashville Number System - essential for learning to create number charts (p.s. with LyricPro you can use this info to create and store number or chord charts).

NSAI - Nashville Songwriter's Association International - the real deal if you're serious about songwriting.

Songwriters Resource Network - News & information for songwriters, including many current articles on the craft of songwriting and the music business.

CD Ripper - Providing Powerful, yet easy to use and fast, CD ripper for MP3, WMA, WAV, and OGG audio output. CDDB auto-save,auto-tagging, and folder creation from CDDB artist/album info are just a few of its features.

Dan Fissel Custom Music - Original Music Scores for Radio and TV.  Jingles, Film Scores, Soundtracks, Production Beds, as well as Non-Union Voice-Talent.

The Bodhran Page - If you don't know what a Bodhran is... shame on you!

Copyright Office - you can download copyright forms from this page.

Yours Truly in action - My own personal photo page. Various shots of Yours Truly playing with an Irish band at Cafe Milano, or onstage solo at the Bluebird in Nashville, sessions in Ireland abd Boston, and many more!

Bill Carson, primary developer of the legendary Stratocaster! If you'd like to see a picture of Yours Truly with the great Bill Carson (not to mention my own '56 Strat), click here!

Rick Carson & The Decomposers - play tunes from and buy the CD showcasing my Rockabilly alter-ego Rick Carson!

If you'd like to hear even more of my music (Celtic, American, and Children's) check out Richard Carson Morton on MP3.COM.