LyricPro tm can keep track of:

  • Titles
  • Ideas
  • Lyrics (what a surprise!)
  • Contacts
  • Co-writers
  • Upcoming and completed co-writing sessions
  • The creation date of your co-writes
  • Publishers and submissions
  • Staff-Publisher
  • Staff-Publisher draw
  • Demo sessions
  • Upcoming club dates or contests
  • Song income
  • Musical Instruments
  • Studio Equipment
  • Expenses
LyricPro lets you import lyrics written in word processors. LyricPro is suitable for:

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate level writers
  • Pros
LyricPro  is suitable for any style of music from Country to Hip-Hop (you can customize and keep track of specific styles you write in).

LyricPro  is user-friendly and fun to use. You’ll never lose an idea or be at a loss for an idea or title to write.

LyricPro is written by a working songwriter for working songwriters!