Sadly, Lyricpro - The Songwriter's Software is no longer being marketed or supported although I am offering it free and unsupported for those who have MS Access 2003 or higher on their pc's (nothing for Mac users, I'm afraid).  I did want to keep the website going and continue to publish information that I feel might be helpful to aspiring songwriters, especially where Nashville is concerned. Thank you for your support through the years. Existing customers will still be able to contact me and I will help them wherever possible.


Richard Morton

  ... the premier easy-to-use software program that will inspire, organize, and manage all aspects of your songwriting.

(PC only. Sorry, no Mac version)

"A great program. I really don't think you know what you've got here. I have downloaded umpteen songwriting programs after spending over a month looking and deleted them all because they were not worth keeping."

John Childs,

LyricPro will turn beginners into Pros, and Pros into… well, organized Pros (not to mention well-organized pros). Among many other things,LyricPro will...

  • store and print out possible titles
  • provide a unique Slant-Rhyme Dictionary to help write your lyrics
  • let you print out professionally-formatted lyric sheets
  • keep track of publisher submissions
  • let you create and print out number, chord or lyric charts
  • let you create and print out cassette labels
  • and much, much more... 
To give you an idea of what LyricPro can do for your songwriting, let’s quickly follow the history of a song.

Usually, a song begins with a title or a theme. You enter titles (or ideas) into LyricPro and, if you wish, can add notes and even rate the title. Later on, you can recall (or print) your list of titles and select one to work on. Here’s where we get to the meat of the program. You can brainstorm your idea or go directly to working on the lyrics. As you work on your lyrics you will be able use a uniquely-designed "Off" orSlant-Rhyme Dictionary (which has over sixty rhymes for "heart"). You can archive lyrics or verses you won’t be using (but want to keep just in case), and, at any time, preview or print out a professionally formatted lyric sheet. You can even create and print out cassette labels, not to mention create, store, and print professional Chord or Number Charts!

No matter what level of songwriting you have attained or aspire to, LyricPro is for you!

Beginner: LyricPro will inspire you and guide you through the process of storing and sorting your song titles and ideas. It will provide tools to help you write well-structured songs. At the heart of  LyricPro is a unique, and original Slant-Rhyme Dictionary which, as an example, will provide you with over 60 rhymes for the word "heart".  LyricPro will keep track of contacts, co-writers and publishers. It will print out professionally-formatted lyric sheets.

Intermediate: All of the above plus... allow you to create bios and cover letters and keep track of Publisher submissions. It will help you keep track of upcoming club dates, allow you to create set-lists for those dates and project lists for that next CD you're planning. Not to mention create cassette labels!

Pro: All of the above plus... it will help you keep track of all your expenses, equipment,  song income and any Publisher "draw" you might be enjoying (lucky devil!). It will even allow you to create and print out number/chord charts for other musicians. In truth, I've forgotten half the stuff this program does!